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Lesson Plans

Why stop at basic arithmetic when you're teaching with coins?   The study of language arts, social studies, and advanced math—not to mention science—can all benefit from the infusion of a little metal.   Classroom teachers helped design all the lesson plans on this site.   Browse through all the subject areas covered by these plans, developed with National Standards in mind.

America the Beautiful Quarters® Program Lesson Plans

  • Find out about the lesson plans for grades K through 12 created to work with this program.

To find out more about these coins, check out the America the Beautiful Quarters Program information page.

Native American $1 Coin Program Lesson Plans

Presidential $1 Coin Lesson Plans

2009 Lincoln Bicentennial One Cent Program Lesson Plans

District of Columbia and U.S. Territories Quarters Program
Lesson Plans

50 State Quarters® Program Lesson Plans

Westward Journey Nickel Series Lesson Plans

Additional Plans

Click on these subjects to find other great coin-related lesson plans:

Unit Plans

  • Unit Plans These are lesson plans grouped by curricular objectives.

National Standards

  • National Standards Learn about the national standards used in creating the lesson plans on this site.

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