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Web Policies

If you manage a website for HHS, you need to be aware of many policies, laws, regulations, Executive Orders, and other directives.

These policies govern practices like:

  • how websites are approved and managed within HHS
  • how information on federal websites is made accessible to people with disabilities
  • what information a federal website may collect from users, and how that information must be stored and protected

Learn more about:

HHS Web Policies

HHS web policies outline how departmental websites must meet federal requirements.  Policies apply to all HHS Web sites (Operating and Staff Divisions).

  • HHS 508 Policy
    Refer to the ASPA/ WCD 508 Program for information about ensuring all Web content is accessible to people with disabilities. Learn about how HHS is implementing Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
  • Plain Language
    When writing for the web, use this checklist to ensure readers can understand your content the first time they read it. Learn about HHS is implanting the Plain Writing Act of 2010.
  • Domain Names
    The HHS Internet Domain Names Policy regulates the usage, approval, acquisition, and registration of HHS Internet domain names. This policy also provides guidance on waiver criteria, the waiver application process, and critical considerations.
  • Forms, E-Gov
    The HHS Policy for E-Gov Forms regulates public-facing electronic forms.
  • Persistent Cookies
    The HHS Persistent Cookies Policy regulates the usage of Web cookies. A cookie is a mechanism that allows a web server to store information about a user on the user's computer. A persistent web cookie can track the activities of users over time and across different web sites.
  • Web Records and Records Management
    The HHS Web Records Management Policy identifies Web records and specifies how long a type of document must be kept. The HHS Records Management Policy identifies the proper documentation of the policies regarding record creation, records maintenance and use, and records disposition.
  • HHS Logo Policies
    The HHS Logo Policies cover the use, colors, and other information relating to the HHS logo.
  • Policies for New Media
    Use of new media technologies must follow the current policies that govern information and information technology.