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Bill the Mint Buffalo

Bill The Mint Buffalo

Howdy.  The name's Bill the Mint Buffalo.  I've roamed more of this fine country's plains than that there tumbleweed.  How 'bout you?  Where do you hail from?

If there's anything I love, it's history...especially Civil War times.  There were some big changes happening in our nation's money in those days.  Yep, when it comes to learning American history, no one's more gung-ho than I am!

Peter said I should rally these facts for you...

Favorite coin in my collection:  My hard-won 1919 MS-63 Buffalo Nickel.

How I like to spend my days:  Visiting Civil War battlefields and polishing my medals—war and commemorative.

Personal hero:  Colonel R. B. Mason, military governor of California.  In 1848, Mason shipped east the first gold found in California.  The United States Mint used these 230 ounces of gold to create gold coins with CAL. (for California) stamped on the reverse.

I coined the phrase:  "Don't take any wooden nickels when you're trading coins."

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Reverse and obverse of Buffalo Nickel.
Bill's favorite coin, the Buffalo Nickel.

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