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Goldie the Mint Fish

Goldie the Mint Fish.

I'm Goldie, the Mint Fish.  Pleased to meet y'all.  Don't be shy now...come here and sit a spell.

What can I tell you about me?  Well, when it comes to numismatics, I have very refined tastes.  Just like my mama.  She taught me how to tell a treasure from a sow's ear—no offense, dear Plinky!

Here's some other chitchat about me...

Favorite coin in my collection:  The always classic American Eagle bullion gold, of course!

How I like to spend my days:  Writing in my journal about coins, visiting art galleries, and reading about the American Revolution.

Personal hero:  Sacagawea.  When she was only 15, this remarkable girl traveled with her tiny little baby across the Western wilderness with Lewis and Clark.  I'm mighty pleased to see her on one of our coins:  the Golden Dollar!

I coined the phrase:  "Finding a rare coin is better than sippin' lemonade on a steamy day."

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Obverse and reverse of of American Eagle gold bullion.
Goldie's favorite coin, American Eagle gold bullion coin.

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