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Commemorative Coins

2002 Olympic Winter Games Commemorative Coins

Swoosssssssh!  The sounds of skates sliding across an icy rink and skiers speeding their way down a slippery slope must mean that it's time for the Olympic Winter Games again.  Every four years the best athletes from around the world come together for almost three weeks to test their skills and to compete for medals to bring home to their own countries.  What a wonderful chance to watch these amazing men and women demonstrate the great courage and strength that it takes to be a professional athlete!

This year is very special for the United States because the 2002 Winter Olympics is being held in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Try to find this city on a map of the U.S.!

Because this is such an exciting event for our country, the United States Mint will issue two commemorative coins in support of these special games.  These beautiful gold and silver coins will include symbols related to the Winter Olympic Games, such as the snowflake "Crystal Emblem," the Olympic flame, the Olympic rings and more!  You and your parents can read more about these coins by clicking here.

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The 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics Silver Commemorative Coin

The 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics Gold Commemorative Coin

2002 U.S. Military Academy Bicentennial Commemorative Coin


The name of West Point is famous for excellence in military training.  The school's real name is "The United States Military Academy," but because it's located in West Point, New York, people often call it simply "West Point."  This Academy has produced not only generals but also at least one Secretary of State, a Doctor of Neurosurgery, Presidents of the United States, and several astronauts.

Did you know that the United States Mint has a branch in West Point, New York?  In fact, it's not very far from the Academy and it's the Mint's newest branch.  At first, the West Point branch was used only to store silver.  But in 1988, it became a real mint—it began to make coins and medals for the U.S. government.

The Military Academy at West Point was founded 200 years ago, on March 16, 1802.  To celebrate this anniversary, the West Point branch of the United States Mint is minting a collectible silver dollar.  When people like collectors buy the coin, the profits will help to pay for programs for the Academy's Corps of Cadets.

The obverse features the Cadet Color Guard in front of the Academy's Washington Hall and Cadet Chapel.

The reverse features the West Point Bicentennial logo, a special design created to stand for the Academy's 200th anniversary.

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2002 U.S. Military Academy Bicentennial Commemorative Coin Obverse

2002 U.S. Military Academy Bicentennial Commemorative Coin Reverse

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