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Office of Human Resources (OHR)

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Deputy Assistant Secretary Denise Carter


The Office of Human Resources (OHR) provides leadership for the development, execution, and management of the human resources program to ensure the Department builds and retains a highly skilled and diverse workforce.  In coordination with the Operating Divisions (OPDIVs) OHR provides human resource programs and policies developed to support and enhance the HHS mission.

OHR Mission

The Office of Human Resources:

  • Provides strategic leadership to develop human resources program and policies across a broad range of human resource matters
  • Partners with the OPDIVs to design and implement human resource programs that support and facilitate HHS's strategic goals and promote effective management of our human capital
  • Provides oversight and support to the Human Resource Centers within HHS
  • Serves as HHS's liaison to the Office of Personnel (OPM) and other centralized personnel management agencies and organizations

OHR Vision

Our vision is to ensure that all OPDIVs have a commitment to providing high quality service to our Nation's citizens by having the right people in the right jobs, with the right skills and abilities and a true sense of personal value.

Strategic Goals

  • Enhance OHR's role as a strategic business partner while maintaining appropriate regulatory oversight
  • Improve the ability to attract quality workforce
  • Improve the ability to develop and retain quality workforce
  • Develop and retain a highly skilled HR workforce
  • Improve performance management capabilities
  • Enhance HR operational efficiency
  • Develop a technology infrastructure to support and enhance HR programs