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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

SNOMED CT ® Release Files

Download SNOMED CT Releases and related files from this page. Click on the file name to start the download.

International Release July 2012

The International Release is updated each year in January and July. The download contains SNOMED CT files in both Release Format 1 (RF1) and the new Release Format 2 (RF2) versions. See the next section for RF2 to RF1 compatibility tools.

Download File: (548 MB)

Contents: SNOMED CT terminology, cross maps, and subsets. User Guide (content, principles and uses); Technical Implementation Guide (design of applications using SNOMED CT) and Technical Reference Guide (file layouts, field sizes, required values, data diagrams). ICD-9-CM Cross Map.
Notes: SNOMED CT terminology will be available in Metathesaurus format in UMLS 2012AB Release, November 2012.

August 9 update: Revised download file is available. It corrects errors in the RF1 Relationships file (sct1_Relationships_Core_INT_20120731.txt). Users should download and use the updated file.

RF2 to RF1 Version Compatibility Tools for International Release July 2012

Compatibility tools provide backward compatibility from RF2 release files, enabling users to generate RF1 version format from RF2 release files.

Conversion Application Download File: (44 MB)

Data Download File: (120 MB)

Contents: RF2 to RF1 conversion application; Supporting data files for RF2 to RF1 conversion.

SNOMED CT to ICD-10 Cross Maps August 2012

The SNOMED CT to ICD-10 cross maps support epidemiological, statistical, and administrative reporting.

Download File: (4.75 MB)

Contents: Technology Preview of SNOMED CT to ICD-10 cross maps; Content maps July 2010 SNOMED CT to ICD-10 second edition (2008).

Edición en Español April 2012

The Spanish Edition of the International Release is updated each year in April and October.

Download File:

Size: 265 MB
Contents: Spanish translations of SNOMED CT International Release January 2012 descriptions and documentation in both RF1 and RF2 (Preview Release) versions.
Notes: Terminology will also be available in Metathesaurus format in UMLS 2012AB Release, October 2012.

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