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Search the Envirofacts Facility Tables

This Query Form allows you to retrieve selected facility data from 17 national systems listed below. Specify a facility by using any combination of facility name, geographic location, facility industrial classification, affiliated organization and contact, program category, and national systems.

User's Guide

Facility Selection

Geography Search

Enter a partial value for any geography option except for the state value. For city, county, US/Mexico 100KM Border Area, congressional district number, and legislative district number, you must enter the state value. We strongly recommend that you enter a small geographical area to begin the search since Envirofacts contains a large number of facilities.

ZIP Code:
Location Address:
City Name:*
County Name:*
EPA Region:
US/Mexico 100KM Border Area (Check to retrieve facilities for US/Mexico border states - CA, AZ, NM and TX)
Congressional District Number:*
Legislative District Number:*
HUC Code:

* You must also enter the State for these fields

Federal Agencies: **

Federal Facilities only **
Facilities on Tribal lands only **

** You must enter a State or Region for this selection

Facility Industrial Classification Search

Enter a 4-digit SIC code or a range of SIC codes (e.g., 4952)
SIC Codes: OR
Enter a 6-digit NAICS code or a range (e.g., 22132)
NAICS Codes:

Affiliated Organization and Contact Search

A "Beginning With" search will be done for both Organization and Contact Names.

Organization Name:
Organization DUNS Number:

Contact Name:

Program Category Search

Select one or more Program Categories to search below:

Interest Type Search

Select one or more Interest Type to search below:

Note: Choosing Interest Type Search overrides the Program Category Search.

National Systems Search

All National Systems or
Selected National Systems from the list below:

ACRES Office of Brownfields and Land Revitilization, Brownfields Properties AIRS/AFS AIRS Facility Subsystem
BR Biennial Reporters BRAC Base Realignment and Closure
CAMDBS Clean Air Markets Division Business System CERCLIS Superfund System
CWNS Clean Watersheds Needs Survey E-GGRT Electronic Greenhouse Gas Reporting Tool
EGRID Emissions & Generation Resource Database EIA-860 Energy Information Administration-860 Database
EIS Emission Inventory System FTTS/NCDB National Compliance Data Base
ICIS Integrated Compliance Information System IDDEQ Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
LUST-ARRA Leaking Underground Storage Tank - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act NCES National Center for Education Statistics
NEI National Emissions Inventory OTAQREG Office of Transportation and Air Quality Fuels Registration
PCS Permit Compliance System RBLC RACT/BACT/LAER Clearinghouse
RCRAInfo Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Info. RFS Renewable Fuel Standard
SDWIS Safe Drinking Water Information System SSTS Section Seven Tracking System
STATE State Environmental Programs TRIS Toxics Release Inventory System
TSCA Toxics Substances Control Act  

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