Name (click for metadata and to rate record) Description Agency Subagency Category
Biotechnology Regulatory Services public data file (permits, notifications, and petitions) Public information on BRS applications for genetically engineered permits, notifications, and petitions. USDA APHIS Agriculture
Animal Care Enforcement Actions Contains monthly reports on 7060s and stipulations related to enforcement of the Animal Welfare and Horse Protection Acts. Form 7060 - Official warning of an alleged violation of statue or regulation and notice to the subject that APHIS may seek civil or criminal penalties for alleged violation in the future if the subject again violates. Stipulation - a pre-litigation monetary settlement between APHIS and the subject. The stipulation provides the subject with notice of alleged violation, affords the subject an opportunity for an administrative hearing, and offers the subject an opportunity to waive the hearing and pay a monetary penalty calculated within Civil Penalty guidelines. USDA APHIS Agriculture
National Wildlife Chemical Effects Database Contains bioassay records and data for chemicals analyzed and evaluated for repellency, toxicity, reproductive inhibition, and immobilization. USDA APHIS Population