Division of Planning & Information

The Division of Planning and Information collects and analyzes data to target law enforcement and education efforts and measure the impact of activities related to the FTC’s consumer protection mission. The division is responsible for various projects and functions, including:

  • Consumer Response Center: Counselors respond to consumer complaints and inquiries received by telephone, mail, and online.
  • Consumer Sentinel: This secure, Internet website is accessible to over 2,100 active individual users from over 1,900 active and legacy Sentinel member agencies from across the United States and consumer protection agencies in 12 nations.  It now contains over 6.6 million fraud and identity theft complaints from the FTC and various law enforcement and private sector partners. The site also provides other information useful for investigations and prosecutions.
  • Operations: The division administers the core financial, administrative, and litigation support activities of the Bureau. It manages the agency's consumer protecti on redress activities and provides cutting edge technological investigative and litigation support.

Last Modified: Thursday, August 4, 2011