Internships/Student Employment

Summer Legal Interns

The FTC has summer employment opportunities (for up to 10 weeks) for law students who have completed one or more years of law school OR who are law school graduates going on to judicial clerkships. The Commission recruits dedicated law students with an exceptional level of commitment to the public interest to enforcing antitrust and consumer protection laws as mandated by Congress. We prefer — but do not require — applicants to have a background in economics or business. Our goal is to offer our summer law clerks intellectually stimulating projects, similar in complexity to those given to junior attorneys, which afford them an opportunity to demonstrate writing, analytical and advocacy skills.  The Bureau of Competition and Bureau of Consumer Protection hire summer legal interns.

Student Clerical Positions

We accept applications, year-round, from students for a variety of clerical support positions. Students must be at least sixteen years old to work. We fill positions at the GS-1 through GS-5 levels, on an as-needed basis. To apply, mail or email your resume, including the number of semester and/or credit hours you've completed, and your most recent transcript.  

Volunteers/Unpaid Internships

The FTC offers student volunteer opportunities throughout the year, upon agreement with your school, for internships primarily in law and economics. In exchange for volunteer services, student volunteers receive enriching learning opportunities and meaningful assignments while learning to recognize the value and importance of volunteer service.

Last Modified: Thursday, March 12, 2009