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Manufacturing Apps Gallery

Interactive applications that visually display large datasets provide a portal to explore data and make discoveries. Federal agencies collect information on manufacturing, imports and exports, research, and new technologies and these data can be used to create business apps, interactive maps, and other applications. These applications can help you more effectively manage your business, develop new ideas into real products, and help to plan and analyze proposed projects.

This page highlights a few of these applications, including both web-based applications and mobile apps. When you click on the images or titles below, you will be leaving the website.

Object Oriented Finite Element (OOF)

Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures:
Available for free download, OOF software is designed to help materials scientists calculate macroscopic properties from images of real or simulated microstructures. It reads an image, assigns material properties to features in the image, and conducts virtual experiments to determine the macroscopic properties of the microstructure.

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