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Posted on Sat, 2012-07-07 19:48 by Chris Musialek
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We've been watching the datasets schema space for a while now, as is very interested in adding support for our listing of over 450,000 datasets. We think this will help the major search engines create better relevance rankings of Federal government data, where many searches begin.

We wanted to come out publicly saying that we've reviewed the current datasets schema proposal in draft, and we are comfortable with the current state of things. There is definitely work still left to do, but there seems to be pretty solid agreement on everything but the details, which seem very resolvable. At this point, if the group would solidify on the dataset proposal, then would support and use it.

We're really excited to see this schema move in the direction of official addition to We really hope to see it be included in a release soon.

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How To use data

I just want to know that how to use this gov data.

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About the Author

An open source and open standards advocate, Chris is currently the Chief Software Architect for, where he currently leads the architectural strategy and provides overall technical direction to the program. Additionally, he serves as the program manager for and, two collaborative, geospatial data efforts.