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Conferences and Workshops

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute periodically sponsors meetings on the topic of obesity. Reports for these meetings briefly summarize the discussion and recommendations.

Virtual Reality Technologies for Research and Education in Obesity and Diabetes, NHLBI Working Group, NIH, DHHS (2010)

NHLBI Working Group on Obesity and Other Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Children with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), Executive Summary (2009)

Working Group Report on Future Research Directions in Childhood Obesity Prevention and Treatment (2007)

Preventing Weight Gain in Young Adults, NHLBI Working Group Report (2005)

Working Group on Competencies for Overweight and Obesity Identification, Prevention, and Treatment, NHLBI, NIH, DHHS (2005)

Predictors of Obesity, Weight Gain, Diet, and Physical Activity, Workshop Summary (2004)

Think Tank on Enhancing Obesity Research at the NHLBI (2003)

Last Updated March 2011

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