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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I always get the latest content on my site, or do I need to grab new code?

You will always have the latest content and you do not need to grab new code. Once you embed the content syndication code into your Web site, you will always receive the latest content changes from Any updates made to's Quick Guide to Healthy Living will automatically push to your Web site.

Will you alert me if you make changes to content embedded on my site?

No, we will not alert you when we make updates to the Quick Guide to Healthy Living. Changes to the content do occur periodically based on the latest research findings. You can be satisfied knowing that any updates we make reflect latest disease prevention recommendations, giving you and your Web site audience instant access to timely information.

My content feed doesn't look like the Quick Guide to Healthy Living on Why not?

The Quick Guide to Healthy Living on is built with content, images, HTML code, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The content will use the CSS from your site, if you added it within the admin interface. If you do not provide a path to the CSS on your site, it will show up in the default style. The purpose of content syndication is to provide you with just the content so you can customize it (with your own CSS) to fit inside your Web site template, giving your audience a seamless user experience. We do provide you with the images embedded in the content, but we do not provide the tabbed navigation as it appears on

I've embedded the code into my page, but I'm seeing scroll bars around the content. How can I get rid of them?

You'll notice two attributes in the iframe tag you've embedded into your Web site: height and width. Each of these has been set to a default "100%." You will need to add the correct values for these two attributes in order for the content to display correctly within your Web site template. You may want to use fixed pixel lengths rather than percentages in order to have the content appear as you would like.

What is the maximum width and height of the content syndication feed?

The width and height of the feed varies slightly based on the amount of content in the topic. You should have no problem fitting the content into your template once you input height and width values into the iframe tag. We suggest you carefully click through each topic to check the look and feel of the content syndication feed.

Is the iFrame code Section 508 compliant?

You will notice a link within the content syndication feed that says "Accessible Version." This link takes the user to the Section 508 compliant version as it appears on the Web site. The link opens in a fixed sized window above your Web page, giving the user easy access back to your site.

I've uploaded and saved my cascading style sheet, but I can't see the changes. Why not?

In order for the style sheet to work, it must be accessible to the public (on a publicly accessible Web site, for example). The style sheet will not work if you're pointing to a development site that is only available to those behind your firewall. The style sheet must also begin with "http://" and end with ".css".