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First Spouse Gold Coins

A series of 24-carat gold coins will display portraits of the former First Spouses of the United States.  The ten-dollar coins, each one made of half an ounce of gold, will feature the Presidents' spouses in the order that they served the country.

The image on the back of each coin will illustrate part of that spouse's life and work, along with standard inscriptions.

When a President (such as Thomas Jefferson) served without a spouse, an image of Liberty from a circulating coin of his era will be used on the front.  The image on the back will illustrate themes from that President's life and work.  First Spouse coins will be released on the same schedule as the Presidential $1 coins.

21. Alice Paul
22. Frances Cleveland
23. Caroline Harrison
24. Frances Cleveland
25. Ida McKinley
26. Edith Roosevelt
27. Helen Taft
28. Ellen Wilson & Edith Wilson
29. Florence Harding
30. Grace Coolidge
31. Lou Hoover
32. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
33. Elizabeth Truman
34. Mamie Eisenhower
35. Jaqueline Kennedy

Bronze medal duplicates of the First Spouse coins will also be available.

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