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Commemorative Coins

2008 American Bald Eagle Coins

These coins celebrate an American success story:  the bald eagle.  The American Bald Eagle Recovery and National Emblem Commemorative Coin Act was passed by Congress to recognize the eagle, its importance as a national symbol, and its return from near extinction in the lower 48 states.  Congress passed the Act unanimously before it was signed by the President.  The series celebrates the eagle's recovery as well as the 35th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act of 1973, which has helped in the recovery.

The Founding Fathers chose the bald eagle for the Great Seal of the United States at the Second Continental Congress in 1782.  Ever since, this majestic bird has represented the spirit of freedom and democracy that makes our nation great.  The eagle also appears on the seals of many branches and departments of the United States government.

The bald eagle is a major symbol of democracy, standing for American values like freedom, courage, and strength.  It has appeared in American art, music, history, literature, commerce, and culture.  So, the bald eagle is very important to the United States.

This once-endangered species, unique to North America, is now making a gradual comeback.  Classified as "endangered" in 1973 under the Endangered Species Act, this eagle was later moved to the less endangered "threatened" list thanks to the law and to caring people and organizations.

The bald eagle will probably be removed from the "threatened species" list in 2008, but the eagle won't be "out of the woods" just yet.  Wildlife agencies will need to keep an eye on the eagle for at least 5 years after it is taken off the list.  Part of the surcharge on the bald eagle coins can be used to fund this work.

The three coins in this series are a five-dollar gold coin, a one-dollar silver coin, and a half-dollar clad coin.  All the designs feature the bald eagle and its history, biology, or status as a national symbol.

Images show the half-dollar coin.
The front of the half dollar shows two eaglets and an egg in a nest.  A close-up view of the eagle called Challenger is shown before a flowing American flag on the back.  (Place your cursor on the coin to see the back.)

Images show the one-dollar coin.
A bald eagle soars on the front of the one-dollar coin.  An early heraldic eagle appears on the back.

Images show the gold five-dollar coin.
The gold five-dollar coin shows a pair of perched eagles on the front and the eagle from the Great Seal of the United States on the back.

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