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The U.S. POW Commemorative Coin

Flip the Mint Seal here to tell you about our November coin of the month.  It ties in with the holiday we observe in mid-November.  No, not Thanksgiving.  That comes later.  So, which holiday is it?

Veterans Day.  This is the day American's honor our Veterans each year.  Who are Veterans?  They are the men and women who have worn the uniform of our nation's armed forces.  Our November coin of the month remembers a special group of veterans: Prisoners Of War, or POWs for short.

The U.S. POW commemorative coin is a silver dollar that was minted and issued in 1994 from both the Philadelphia and San Francisco Mint facilities.  The United States Mint sold these coins to collectors during the year of 1994.

The obverse of this patriotic commemorative coin shows an eagle in flight with the word "freedom" and the motto, "In God We Trust".  The reverse honors the creation of The National Prisoner of War Museum in Andersonville, Georgia.

The 10,000-square-foot museum sits on the former site of a Civil War prison camp.  It tells the story of American war prisoners from the Revolution through the Persian Gulf War.  By doing so, it commemorates the sacrifice of about 800,000 Americans who suffered captivity so that others may enjoy freedom.  The POW's story is one of courage and sacrifice, while their legacy gave the gift of liberty and helped shape what this country is today.

Flip, the Mint Seal

Reverse: 1994 POW Commemorative Coin
Reverse:  1994 POW Commemorative Coin.

Obverse: 1994 POW Commemorative Coin
Obverse:  1994 POW Commemorative Coin.

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