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HHS Web Council

HHS manages its Web activities through a Web Council, led by the Web Communications and New Media Division and comprising representatives of HHS Operating and Staff Divisions. WCD works with the HHS Web Council to develop Department Web policies, standards, and guidance. The Council operates as an exchange of best practices and lessons learned to ensure quality, efficiency, and user focus in web content and operations. Council members also serve on the Dot Gov Task Force to implement the Dot Gov reform effort and the 2012 Digital Government Strategy. 

HHS Web Communications and New Media Division

The Web Communications and New Media Division is assigned the following responsibilities, as indicated in 70 FR 61621:

  • “Leads the review of HHS Web information content, presentation, uses and technologies, and recommends and/or implements web-based information policy, guidance and tools for the Department, as appropriate.
  • “Leads the review of the content of all proposed Department-wide and OS-level sites to ensure they are consistent with Departmental policies and goals.
  • “Leads the development of Department Internet policy and public affairs issues as well as a development of a Department-wide policy on the creation and clearance of Web sites.
  • “Manages daily operations of the main HHS public Web site. Manages additional Office of the Secretary-level Web sites, as appropriate.
  • “Manages daily operations of the HHS intranet, and tools in support of HHS Web and intranet sites.”

Section 508 Compliance

WCD provides leadership in the application of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act to ensure that all departmental website content is accessible to people with disabilities. The WCD 508 program maintains leader boards that report on the overall accessibility of Operating and Staff Division websites, and assists in testing websites, web pages, individual widgets, documents, and email blasts for 508 compliance.

WCD staff members provide clearance for news releases and other public affairs announcements, ensuring the websites they link to are 508 compliant.