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Interim 508 Access Provision

The Interim 508 Access Provision allows you to request interim posting of files that can't be corrected to fully comply with Section 508 standards by their posting deadline and to provide "on request" access to those files.

What is "on request" access?

Files posted with "on request" access must provide to people with disabilities a method for gaining alternate access to the information in the file.


Appendix F: The Viagen Dataset (pdf)
Persons with disabilities having problems accessing the above PDF file may call XXX-XXX-XXXX for assistance.

This type of interim posting is reserved for documents that are extremely large or complicated. It is also reserved for documents senior management decides during the press release clearance process are a "close hold."

Use of the Interim 508 Access provision is not common and will be determined by ASPA's Web Communications & New Media Division on a case-by-case basis.

Requesting Publication under the Interim 508 Access Provision

Contact your WCD liaison as soon as you know you will have a 508 compliance issue.

Give your liaison the complete files or a sample of the files that contains the materials which don't comply with Section 508 standards. Your liaison will discuss with you the challenges that prevent making your files compliant by the publication deadline.

After reviewing your documents and the situation, your WCD liaison will let you know if your files can be posted with the "on request" option. 

Your liaison will work with you to set a reasonable deadline by which your documents must be corrected, made fully Section 508 compliant, and reposted without the "on request" option.