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Heading says Acadia National Park.

The Acadia National Park quarter is the 13th design in the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program.  Early 20th-century residents of Mount Desert Island saw the need to guard the island's awesome beauty by setting land aside as a national park.

Acadia National Park, established in 1916, became the first national park east of the Mississippi River.  It is also the first national park created from land that was donated for that purpose.

The park is home to the tallest mountain on the U.S. Atlantic Coast.  Visitors to Acadia can enjoy hiking over granite peaks, biking on historic carriage roads, and viewing the spectacular scenery.

The quarter's design focuses on the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse and Acadia's rough Atlantic coastline.  The coastline, the lighthouse, the pine trees, and the ocean in the design represent some of the major features of Acadia National Park.

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