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H.I.P. Pocket Change Pals

Inspector Collector

Meet the Pals: Inspector Collector.

Hi-ho!  I'm Inspector Collector.  Like most badgers, I never give up easily, and that's how I gain my vast wealth of numismatic knowledge!  I journey to the farthest corners of the Earth to track down some of the world's rarest coins and hear their fabulous stories.

Here are some clues to my character...

Favorite coin in my collection:  A brilliant uncirculated proof of the Dolley Madison commemorative silver dollar.  This coin honors the brave First Lady who rescued important government papers from the White House when British redcoats were about to storm and burn it.

How I like to spend my days:  Solving coin crimes, graduating students from my Coin Course, and blowing medallion-size bubbles with my pipe.

Personal heroes:  Elementary!  The finest detective of all times: Sherlock Holmes.  Whom else would you presume?

I coined the phrase:  "The proof is in the details."

More Pals
Obverse and reverse of Dolley Madison commemorative silver dollar.
Inspector Collectors' favorite coin, the Dolley Madison commemorative silver dollar.

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