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Work with Us

When you were a kid, did you dream of being a park ranger - or do you just think the hat is cool (it's ok, we do too!)

Do you enjoy being outside? Or, are you a history buff?

Want to have the best stories from "What I did on my summer internship?"

Want your work to be lasting and meaningful?

Looking for a career change to work alongside the most dedicated, passionate people you'll ever meet?

Welcome to the National Park Service! The NPS offers opportunities to work in 397 national parks and in partnership with communities across the country to preserve their history and create places for outdoor fun.

From full-time permanent careers, to seasonal positions, to internships that let students explore career choices, to volunteer jobs, you can work with us - in an "office" like no other.

Our more than 20,000 employees include:
Archeologists- 201
Automotive mechanics- 84
Botanists- 42
Carpenters- 145
Ecologists- 218
Electricians- 87
Facility managers- 313
Fish biologists- 31
Forestry technicians- 320
Gardeners- 132
Geologists- 46
Historians- 183
Human resources specialists- 383
Hydrologists- 55
Information management specialists- 383
Landscape architects- 173
Maintenance mechanics- 2,080
Masons- 112
Museum professionals- 330
Park police- 580
Park rangers- 3,861
Small craft operators- 48

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