• Improved access to and quality of early education so every child is prepared to start school.
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  • Challenged states to develop innovative approaches to raise student achievement through a competitive process that costs less than 1% of what our nation spends on education.
    Read about: Race to the Top
    Read about Race to the Top:
  • Provided 33 states and the District of Columbia flexibility from No Child Left Behind while raising student achievement standards, improving school accountability, and increasing teacher effectiveness.
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  • Supported grants to help states transform the 5,000 lowest performing schools in the country into safe environments where students can learn
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  • Provided relief to states that helped keep hundreds of thousands of teachers on the job in the face of budget cuts and proposed funding to support additional education jobs.
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Race to the Top

What's Next

  • Reform K-12 education funding by encouraging states to adopt higher standards, and improving teaching and learning assessments.
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  • Encourage innovation in education. Continue funding competitions that increase student success and prepare students for college and careers.
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  • Invest in the next generation of scientists and engineers. Improve science, technology, engineering and math education and expand programs that expose kids to opportunities in those fields.
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  • Put a great teacher in every classroom. Attract, prepare, support and reward effective teachers and school leaders, and reduce teacher shortages in STEM subject areas.
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A great teacher can raise lifetime earnings of a single class of students by an estimated $250,000