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Grants and Funding: Extramural Programs (EP)

Research Supplements to Promote Reentry into Biomedical and Behavioral Research Careers (Admin Supp)


Principal Investigators holding NIH research grants of the specified types (see announcement) can apply for administrative supplements to support individuals with high potential to re-enter an active research career after taking time off for family responsibilities or other qualifying circumstances. It is anticipated that at the completion of the supplement, the reentry scientist will be in a position to apply for a career development (K) award, a research award, or some other form of research support. The grantee institution must submit the application for supplemental funds directly to the awarding component that supports the parent grant. The application must not be submitted to the NIH Center for Scientific Review. This program expires September 30, 2015 unless reissued.

NLM's participation is confined to research grants for which it is the primary funding agency. Grantees must contact NLM before submitting an application for this supplement opportunity.

NLM Contact

Dr. Hua-Chuan Sim,


Deadlines for New Applications: Applications can be received at any time. See funding opportunity announcement (FOA) for details.

Application Instructions are as provided in the FOA.