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How do we grow into sustainable communities of practice?

Howdy Folks,

In her speech a few days ago at the International Data Conference, Beth Noveck mentioned that the open data community will likely be evolving into several distinct communities of practice focused on particular areas such as health data, economic data, etc.

With the OpenGov Community Summit Series, held in partnership with six federal agencies, I've seen great value in bringing people together in person on a regular basis.  Would it be helpful for these emerging communities of practice to begin meeting in person?  Is anyone taking the lead in building these communities of practice or is the plan to just wait and see what happens?

I'd be interested in helping the the community leaders organize and design in-person workshops.  With the OpenGov Community Summits, we've had 750 participants from the private sector and over 50 federal agencies.  I think a hybrid approach of building community both online and in-person would most effective, and I'd be happy to help the community leaders get that off the ground.



I agree with you

Thank you for infomation.

I'll read it more at

I agree!

Prior to the workshop, we are using GovLoop discussion forums.  Please send in any questions you'd like discussed to  Here are the online conversations in GovLoop for this summit:


I would tap the our universities' computer science and political science members as well.



Support for Growing Sustainable CoPs

I appreciate what Lucas has done with his excellent workshops and would also like to help. Brand


Lucas--great, you can expect a call!

I had conversations with people at IOGDC about communities around food, policies, international issues, and others.  We are already planning a health community next month with the amazing Todd Park and his team at HHS.

What other communities could you envision?

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