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Article about your important work

I recently wrote an article about in an article serious we run from time to time including not only data sources of this type on the web but also encyclopedias, measurement of journals such as impact factor, fact checking and similar.

The quote above is from the email I sent Mark Marchand which might be of interest for you. We will also for sure write at least another article regarding this specific area also or likely two including in one separate if so statistical sources such as found at

Also we if using statistical general in articles now also if it exist in a public database public also the program for extracting it. Public data of course is important both for democratic control and even more perhaps in time making people more interested in politics while also enabling business and to public the data source and program for that would add to it but also it lessen the risk of errors in article not being detected and if it is a custom spreading perhaps it would increase quality also in media.

It was fun also to see you run Drupal often now at Gov. We have used Druap on Nyfiken vital since almost the start so sex years now.

As noted the article is in Swedish but Google Translate usually makes a readable translation from Swedish to english:

The page translated:

The quoted email:

We wrote the following article about Data-gov in Nyfiken vital (one of the bigger swedish research sites on the web besides government and the major media houses):

Statistik från amerikanska myndigheter enkelt över webben

It's in Swedish but Google Translate usually give an acceptable translation to english. It was quite suitable for us given we mostly follow international research which for obvious reasons to large part is american.

Besides the article with the value for the reader to find out about the possibilities - both your site as well the other resources in the references - are the possibility to use it our self when we need statistics for articles. Hence we also made a couple of first programs for the article in Perl which we use for such.

They are published in the article as we do general for programs used to create visualizations or import data. It is a nice idea to publich both program and data together with graph and such with the article - it increase quality control and give the reader an additional value from the programs as well and probably more the underlined possibility.

After using the service perhaps more we probably rewrite them furter making them a bit more general but feel free to use them if they are of any use for you.

If you see any errors or other problems with the article - we did use one picture from your site - just send me an email and I will correct that. Also of course feel free to suggest anything you might think is useful to follow up on the article with or any other reference you feel would benefit the reader.

Best regards Hans Husman


Web Data Management

Data management as become more simple now with the development of cms which integrate MySql with visual management inside the Cms itself.

I also consider it good the gov and other intitutions make use of this fantastic resource.

Best, PS3EMU

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