Frequently Asked Questions

Need some extra support to get you through the day?

Luckily, SmokefreeTXT isn’t a one-way street! Send us a text whenever you need an extra boost. You can use these keywords anytime. The support you need is only a text message away!
Keywords When do I use this?
CRAVE Having a bad craving & need a reminder of why you shouldn’t pick up that cig? Text CRAVE to: 47848
MOOD Having a rough day & need a positive message sent your way? We could all use a little boost sometimes. Text MOOD to: 47848
SLIP Slip up? That doesn't mean you have to start from the beginning! Get the extra encouragement to keep on going. Text SLIP to: 47848
STOP Want to stop receiving messages? No matter what your reason, you can opt out of our program whenever you want. Text STOP to: 47848. You can sign up again at any time by visiting our website!

Who is eligible?
This program is designed for adults who are quitting smoking, but anyone at least 13 years old with an unlimited texting plan on their mobile phone can sign up. If you don’t have unlimited texts, you can still sign up, but please contact your mobile phone company for text message rates.

What do the messages say?
Here are some sample messages:

SmokefreeTXT: Wow, 2 weeks smokefree! Think about how much time, energy, health, & money you have saved. You deserve to treat yourself - make today awesome.”

SmokefreeTXT: What makes you want to smoke? Stress? Boredom? Drinking? Write down your top 3 smoking triggers. Knowing them is the only way to avoid them!”

SmokefreeTXT: Your dog, cat, bird, or iguana can get sick & die from 2nd hand smoke. It sinks into fur, feathers, eyes, & skin. Think again before lighting up.”

How long does the program last?
You can sign up for SmokefreeTXT up to 30 days before your designated quit date. The text program will start two weeks before your quit date and last for six weeks following your quit date. We will also follow up at one, three, and six months after the program ends to see how you are doing.

How do I sign up?
Visit to sign up. Or sign up from your mobile phone! Send a text message with the word QUIT to IQUIT (47848), answer a few questions, and you’ll start receiving text messages from SmokefreeTXT.

What kind of information will I have to provide to sign up?
SmokefreeTXT collects your mobile phone number, specified quit date, age, gender, smoking frequency, and whether your mobile phone has Internet capabilities. This information is used to enroll you into the messaging service and to personalize your experience. No information is used for any commercial purposes.

Is there a cost to sign up?
There is no additional fee for this service. However, message and data rates may apply. If you pay for individual texts, this program may not be for you. If you aren’t sure if you pay for individual texts, check with your mobile carrier before signing up, just to be safe.

What if I don’t have an unlimited text messaging plan? Can I still participate?
You bet! We have designed this program to give you the kind of support you want, while controlling the number of text messages you receive from us. You do not need to fully opt in to SmokefreeTXT to send us a keyword message at any time. Without signing up, you can text CRAVE, MOOD, or SLIP to IQUIT (47848) at any time to receive supportive messages from SmokefreeTXT. If you are no longer interested in this option and do not wish to receive messages from us, just simply stop sending keyword texts.

What if I want to start over and pick a new quit date?
No problem. We will automatically ask you a status question every week that will give you the option to keep going or start over. If you want to pick a new quit date or start from the beginning of the program, simply opt out, and then sign up again at . You can also opt out at any time by texting STOP to IQUIT (47848). Even if you choose to opt out, you can always sign back up by visiting —even on the same day!

What if I change my mobile number?
If you change your mobile number between the time you sign up for our program and six weeks after your quit date (the end of the program), you will need to sign up again on our website. We apologize for this inconvenience!

Will you ever identify me by my mobile phone number?
SmokefreeTXT will only use your mobile number for the purpose of the SmokefreeTXT program—to send and receive the text messages you’ve signed up for or to assist you with any technical support that you request. We will not be able to link your mobile number to personally identifiable information like your name, physical address or email address.

Will SmokefreeTXT ever call me?
SmokefreeTXT will never call you. Your mobile number is used solely for the purpose of the text messaging program. Any information you provide will be kept confidential. No one else can or will contact you or try to sell you anything. Your mobile number will not be shared with any third party.

Can I “opt out” if I don’t like SmokefreeTXT?
Sure, just reply to one of our messages with STOP. Or you can send STOP at anytime to IQUIT (47848) and the messages will end.

I’ve “opted out” by texting STOP but I’m still receiving messages. How do I stop receiving text messages?
Oh no, we’re so sorry! Make sure you text only the word STOP to 47848. Some common problems include the following:

  • Including a space after the word STOP
  • Including a punctuation mark (i.e., period, comma, exclamation point, etc.) after the word STOP
  • Having an automatic signature line in your text messages (i.e., your name, a quote, an emoticon)
  • Having (Re:) precede each of your text messages

If none of these issues apply to you and you are still unable to opt out by texting STOP, you can manually unsubscribe via our web form. If you continue to receive text messages after submitting this form, please contact us at for technical support.

If I have more questions, can I speak to someone?
You can email us at Or if you have questions specific to quitting smoking, you can call the NCI Quitline (1-877-44U-QUIT) and talk to a smoking cessation counselor. It’s free and anonymous.

Still have questions? Contact us at: