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Division of the Office of the Secretary Budget (DOSB)

The Division of the Office of the Secretary Budget (DOSB) in the Office of Budget (OB), Office of the Assistant Secretary for Financial Resources (ASFR) is made up of three branches:

Office of the Secretary (OS) Budget Branch

The OS Budget Branch has responsibility for activities funded through the multiple OS appropriations accounts, including General Departmental Management (GDM), Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals (OMHA), Office of Inspector General (OIG); Office for Civil Rights (OCR), etc.  It prepares special analyses of these budgets for use in decision-making, particularly for evaluating capacity and determining if alternative approaches are feasible. The branch monitors Congressional appropriations hearings related to OS STAFFDIVS activities.   The branch plans and formulates and presents the OS budget to the Deputy Secretary, Secretary, OMB and the Congress.  The branch also manages the allocation of appropriations within the GDM account, issues allotments for all OS activities, and allocates overhead costs and department-wide bills.

Office of the Secretary Execution Services (OSES) Branch

The OS Budget Execution Services Branch functions as a financial management group and represents the following STAFFDIVs:  IOS, ASA, ASFR, ASL, ASPA, OGC, DAB, OD, OGHA and IGA, OSSI and CFBCI.  The branch supports its STAFFDIVs by providing budget formulation, analysis, presentation, budget execution, and financial reconciliation in compliance with legislated acts and regulations. This branch works in conjunction with the Office of the Secretary Budget Branch.   The branch has fiduciary responsibility which includes and is not limited to the issuing and approving allowances, providing funds availability certification on all obligating documents, monitoring allowances to ensure no risk of overspending, producing management reports, performing monthly reconciliation and responding to other ad hoc assignments. Additionally, the branch provides fiscal and budget advice, guidance, and expertise to its STAFFDIVs.  The branch establishes working relationships to garner full access to information in support of sound financial decision making.  Meets routinely with STAFFDIVs to communicate critical issues, ensures accuracy, timeliness and completeness of all transactions.

Service and Supply Fund (SSF) Branch

The SSF branch provides fund-wide direction for financial management, budget formulation and execution, fee-for-service rate development, performance measurement, financial statement preparation and Fund compliance with external laws and regulations including Chief Financial Officers Act (CFO), Government Management Reform Act (GMRA), and Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA); advises the SSF Board on the fiscal and operational implications of its decisions and policies, including rate changes, operating plan revisions, and new activities. It provides analytical and decision support to the SSF Board for special analyses and studies, Board meetings and discussions with OMB.  The branch chief serves as the Deputy Fund Manager, whose duties are specified in the SSF Charter.


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