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Title: Charting New Directions for Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Prevention and Control in the Americas

Workshop Objectives


To share experiences, identify complementarities, and propose a joint plan for a "National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)/Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Cardiovascular Health Promotion Initiative," by involving the CARMEN Network Members, selected programs and initiatives of the NHLBI and PAHO, and key partners.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Main lines for collaboration between the NHLBI and PAHO, in order to jointly support the development, implementation and evaluation of a "Pan American Cardiovascular Health Promotion Initiative" defined.

  • A draft of a joint PAHO/NHLBI and selected partners, programs and initiatives developed, aiming at building up technical capacity for CVD prevention and control and health promotion in Latin America and Caribbean Region.

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