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School of Public Health and Community Medicine
Department of Biostatistics

Director: Thomas Lumley, Ph.D.
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The University of Washington Department of Biostatistics, with the collaboration of faculty from the Departments of Epidemiology and Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences, and the Divisions of Cardiology, Medical Genetics, and General Internal Medicine,provides predoctoral training to biostatisticians for collaborative work in cardiovascular research. Students are paired with two preceptors, a biostatistician and a non-biostatistician involved in cardiovascular research. The Ph.D. program includes advanced coursework in statistical theory, biostatistical methodology, and data analysis, and a statistical consulting practicum. Coursework in the biological sciences, and an oral examination on a topic in cardiovascular biology or medicine, are required for students who do not have graduate qualifications in a biological discipline. After satisfying these requirements the student proceeds to complete a doctoral dissertation. All trainees are additionally required to act as teaching assistants, to provide experience in communicating statistical concepts to non-statisticians.

Areas of Special Emphasis

Areas of special faculty emphasis include randomized cardiovascular clinical trials; large epidemiologic cohort studies; pharmacogenomics; the study of new drugs and biologics in humans (including sequential monitoring, regulatory issues, surrogate endpoints, etc.), survival analysis, longitudinal data analysis, statistical computing, and epidemiologic methodology (especially multivariate methods for case-control studies).

Type of Training: Pre-doctoral

Key Faculty Available as Preceptors

Elizabeth Brown, ScD, Research Assistant Professor of Biostatistics
Lyndia Brumback, PhD Research Assistant Professor of Biostatistics
Paula Diehr, PhD Professor of Biostatistics and Health Services
Thomas Fleming, PhD Professor of Biostatistics and Statistics
Patrick Heagerty, PhD Professor of Biostatistics
Susan Heckbert, MD, MPH, PhD. Professor of Epidemiology, Adjunct Professor, Department of Pharmacy
Gail Jarvik, MD, PhD. Associate Professor of Medicine (Medical Genetics), Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology and Genome Sciences
Joel Kaufman, MD., MPH. Associate Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, Medicine (General Internal); Adjunct Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Francis Kim, MD. Assistant Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)
Richard A. Kronmal, Ph.D. Professor of Biostatistics and Director of the Collaborative Health Studies Coordinating Center
Thomas Lumley Associate Professor of Biostatistics
Graham Nichol, M.D. Associate Professor of Medicine (General Internal), Adjunct Associate Professor of Biostatistics
Catherine M Otto, M.D. Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)
Ross Prentice, Ph.D. Professor of Biostatistics
Jeffrey Probstfield, M.D. Professor of Medicine (Cardiology). Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology.
Bruce M. Psaty, MD., PhD.,MPH. Associate Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology , and Heatlh Services.
Kenneth Rice, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biostatistics
Nona Sotoodehnia, MD, MPH. Acting Assistant Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)
Stephen M. Schwartz, PhD., MPH. Professor, Epidemiology
Lianne Sheppard, PhD. Research Associate Professor of Biostatistics and Environmental Health
David S. Siscovick, MD. Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine
Nicholas L. Smith, PhD., MPH. Associate Professor, Epidemiology
N. David Yanez, PhD. Associate Professor of Biostatistics. Director of the Graduate Program in Biostatistics.

Last updated: January, 2007

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