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Protect Your Family from Lead Poisoning 


The Basics

Take steps to protect your family from lead poisoning. Lead poisoning is caused by swallowing or breathing lead.

Who is at risk for lead poisoning?
Children under age 6 and pregnant women are most at risk.

  • When children are young, their bodies are still growing and are more sensitive to the harmful effects of lead.
  • If a pregnant woman has too much lead in her body, it can increase her risk for miscarriage (losing the baby). Lead can also pass from the mother to her baby.

There are no signs or symptoms of lead poisoning. Lead poisoning can lead to learning and behavior problems. Some of the effects of lead poisoning may never go away.

How do kids get lead poisoning?
Most lead poisoning comes from paint in homes built before 1978. When old paint cracks and chips, it creates lead dust. Children get lead poisoning from swallowing dust on their hands and toys.