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Protect Your Family from Lead Poisoning 


Take Action!

You can help protect your family from lead poisoning by taking these simple steps.

Keep children away from lead dust.
If you live in an older home, treat all paint as if it has lead in it. Follow these tips to keep kids safe.

  • Keep children away from rooms with chipping or peeling paint.
  • Cover peeling or chipping paint with duct tape or contact paper.
  • Use a wet paper towel or mop to clean up dust regularly, especially around windows and floors.

Renovate safely.
If you are doing any home remodeling or repairs, be sure to follow lead-safe work practices [PDF - 3 MB]. Keep pregnant women and children away from the work area.

Wash your child’s hands and toys.
Lead dust from chipping and peeling paint can get on children’s toys and hands. Wash toys and hands often, especially before eating and sleeping. Play this podcast on Happy Handwashing for your child.

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