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Teacher Feature

American Veterans Disabled for Life Dollar

After reading about the American Veterans Disabled for Life silver dollar in April's Coin of the Month, explore the concepts of symbolism, strength, and remembrance with the students in class.

After reviewing the obverse and reverse of this commemorative coin, ask the students to carefully look at the oak branches and forget-me-not flower featured on the reverse of the coin.  Ask the students why they think that oak branches symbolize strength.  Record student answers on a piece of chart paper.

Ask the students why they think that flowers such as the forget-me-nots symbolize remembrance.  Record student answers on the chart paper.  Discuss how strength and remembrance are connected to the America Veterans Disabled for Life silver dollar.

Divide the students into pairs or small groups.  Have each group think of another symbol for strength and a symbol for remembrance.  Provide each student pair or group with a piece of chart paper and markers.  Instruct the groups to draw the symbols they chose for strength and remembrance.  Have the groups share their symbols with the class and explain why they chose the symbols.

Make a Connection

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