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Sample Interactive Health Tutorial – Download Instructions

These sample tutorials are for demonstration purposes only and can be downloaded and viewed when no Internet connection is available. The files have been limited to a manageable size; therefore some content may not be included.

English demo:   Flashes and Floaters (21.9MB)
Spanish demo:   Problemas de los ojos asociados con la diabetes (Flashes and Floaters) (26.3MB)

Download instructions:

  1. Click on the link for the downloadable version of the file. Since the downloadable files are compressed into a zip format, not all software packages will follow the step-by-step directions found below.

  2. Save the "zip" file to your hard drive or disk, noting where you saved it.

    • The name of the English zip file is
    • The name of the Spanish zip file is

  3. Unzip and extract the files using WinZip® (About WinZip: or similar software and be sure to extract ALL the files to the same location.

    • The name of the extracted English demo file is flashes_floaters_english.wmv
    • The name of the extracted Spanish demo file is flashes_floaters_spanish.wmv

  4. To start running the sample tutorial, double click on the extracted file.