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Microfilm Publications
Issued in 2010

Updated April 4, 2011


This page lists new NARA microfilm publications issued in 2010. A descriptive pamphlet (DP) is available online as a PDF file.

To determine which NARA facilities have these publications, check the Microfilm Catalog . Each publication description indicates all NARA units that have copies of a microfilm publication in part or in full.

Microfilm publications are available for sale. Cost is $85 per roll to U.S. addresses ($95 to foreign addresses). See How to Order Microfilm for ordering procedure.

New NARA Microfilm Publications

These are listed by Record Group (RG) then by microfilm publication number.

Record Group 21, Records of U.S. District Courts

  • P2041. Minutes of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi 1853-1860 and 1866, and Minutes of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, 1866-1874. 1 roll. 35mm.

  • P2042. Calendar of Petitions for Decrees in Bankruptcy of the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina,1842-1843. 1 roll. 35mm.

Record Group 24, Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel

  • M2134. Logbooks of the U.S.S. Cumberland, October 1843-September 1859. 4 rolls. 35mm.

Record Group 76, Records of Boundary and Claims Commissions and Arbitrations

  • M2132. General Claims Against Russia, 1807-1881. 1 rolls. 35mm.

Record Group 79, Records of the National Park Service

  • M2133. Correspondence of the Superintendent of Vicksburg National Cemetery, 1879-1880. 1 roll. 35mm.

Record Group 85, Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service

  • A3455. Permanent and Statistical Manifests of Alien Arrivals at El Paso, Texas, April 1924-September 1954. 85 rolls. 16mm. Contains over 210,000 manifests.

  • A3476. Manifests of Alien Arrivals at Blaine, Washington, July 1905-June 1924. 9 rolls. 16mm. Contains over 28,000 manifests.

  • A3479. Manifests of Alien Arrivals at Northgate and Saint John, North Dakota, 1910-1921. 1 roll. 16mm. Contains over 1,400 manifests.

  • A3485. Soundex Index to Supplemental Manifests of Alien Passengers and Crew Members Who Arrived on Vessels at New York, New York, 1887-1921, Who Were Inspected for Admission, 1915-1921. 1 roll. 16mm.

  • A3490. Manifests of Alien Arrivals at Baudette, Warroad, and International Falls, Minnesota, March 1910-July 1923. 1 roll. 16mm. Contains over 900 manifests.

  • A3560. Manifests of Alien Arrivals at Ambrose, Antler, Carbury, Fortuna, Noonan, Northgate, Portal, Sherwood, and Westhope, North Dakota, January 1921-December 1952. 1 roll. 16mm.

  • A3626. Shipmaster Statements Regarding Changes in Crew of Vessels Departing from Mobile, Alabama, July 1925-December 1931. 4 rolls, 35mm. ARC Identifier 2642146.

  • A3647. U.S. Citizen Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Charleston, South Carolina, November 1919- December 1948. 1 roll. 35mm. ARC Identifier 2723261.

  • A3812. Crew Lists of Vessels Arriving at South Haven, Michigan, May 1957-October 1959. 1 roll. 35mm.

  • A3969. Shipmaster Statements Regarding Changes in Crew of Vessels Departing from Gulfport, Mississippi, May 1917-November 1945. 5 rolls. 35mm. ARC Identifier 2771918.

  • A3975. "Alien Certificates" Surrendered at San Francisco, California, April 1912-February 1946, by Aliens who had Arrived at Honolulu, Hawaii. 2 rolls. 16mm. Contains 22,000 records.

  • A4025. Manifests of Alien Arrivals by Airplane at Houston, Texas, December 1946-April 1954. 1 roll. 16mm.

  • A4040. Mortuary Records of Chinese Decedents in California, July 1870-April 1933, Compiled by the San Francisco, California, Immigration Office. 1 roll. 35mm.

  • A4188. Certificates of Identity Issued to U.S. Citizens Pre-examined at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Who Entered the United States at Noyes, Minnesota, and Pembina, North Dakota, January 1929-July 1954. 3 rolls. 16mm.

  • A4234. Passenger Manifests of Airplanes Arriving at Boca Chica, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Key West, Miami, Orlando, Pensacola, and Tampa, Florida, and Charleston, South Carolina, April 1944-December 1945. 1 roll. 35mm. ARC Identifier 4477137.

Record Group 92, Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General

  • M2113. Applications for Headstones for U.S. Military Veterans, 1941-1949. 278 rolls. 16mm. Contains over 331,000 applications relating to veterans of the Revolutionary War thru World War II eras.

Record Group 260, Records of U.S. Occupation Headquarters, World War II

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