NHLBI Factbook: HTML/Web Version

NHLBI Factbook, Fiscal Year 2009-By Section

  1. Abbreviated Staff Directory
  2. Program Overview
  3. Important Events
  4. Disease Statistics
  5. Institute-Initiated Programs Starting in FY 2009
  6. Institute Public Advisory Committees
  7. Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Overview
  8. Long-Term Trends
  9. Research Grants
  10. Research and Development Contracts
  11. Clinical Trials
  12. Minority Activities
  13. Research Training and Career Development Programs
  14. Geographic Distribution of Awards: Fiscal Year 2009
  15. Activities Supported by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009


Fact book cover and link to the PDF file.

Adobe PDF Version [1.9 MB]

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