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Creating Apps for Energy

Where can people find information about code-a-thons, hack-a-thons, and developer conferences related to energy and the environment?



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OpenEI list of energy hackathon resources and example apps

I thought I'd comment that there is an "organically grown" page of energy resources for hackathons.  This includes APIs, datasets, linked open data endpoints and other resources.  Check it out at:

(You'll need an OpenEI account to add/edit it)

Also, OpenEI has browsable apps at  Combined with's apps section at, that's over one hundred unique energy apps!

OpenEI utility rate data

In another post, I discussed the potential for apps to be built on OpenEI's utility rate data.  This is already good-quality data, but with a DOE contract to grow and maintain this database, it is being prepared for prime-time!  Check out the OpenEI Utilities Gateway and the OpenEI services page to see how to integrate with this data in a RESTful (this is developer-speak) way.

OpenEI will have an apps tab up soon with some highly-visual ways to dive into energy data.

  Ryan McKeel

Great apps!

To get you started, check out the Challenges and Apps tabs here on the site.  What other great applications or opportunities exist to connect with other energy innovators?

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