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Step 1:  Getting Started

A. Using Toolbars:

Microsoft Word uses menus, tool bars, icons and other controls to format documents, uses special features, and tracks changes made for editing.


To turn on the tool bars:

  1. Click on View; Toolbars.
  2. Click on Formatting;
  3. Click on View; Toolbars.
  4. Click on Reviewing.


B. Naming Files

It’s a good idea to name and save your file as soon as you start work.  File names must be a continuous string of characters. This string should not contain any special characters. The only period in the file name should be the period that precedes the file extension.  Special characters are:



Exclamation Point








Question Mark


Left or Right Parentheses


Left or Right Brace


At sign

/ \

Left or Right Bar (Solidus)


Equal sign


Plus sign


Improper file name: June Monthly Report.doc

Proper file name: JuneMonthlyReport.doc or June-Monthly-Report.doc

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