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FSIS must be notified prior to the import of meat, poultry and egg products samples destined for laboratory examination, research, evaluative testing, or trade show exhibition. Such samples are not subject to FSIS import inspection requirements but are subject to Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) animal disease restrictions. They may originate in any foreign country, provided there are no animal health restrictions imposed by APHIS. Samples originating in countries with animal health restrictions will require an APHIS permit prior to importing.

The importer, broker, or applicant must notify FSIS prior to Importing the samples using FSIS Form 9540-5 (3/12/2004), "Notification of Intent for the Importation of Meat, Poultry or Egg Product Samples for Laboratory Examination, Research, Evaluative Testing, or Trade Show Exhibition." Submit the form to the FSIS Regional Import Field Office with jurisdiction over the port where the samples will enter the United States.

If the sample is a cooked beef product from a country where foot and mouth disease or Rinderpest exists, it must be presented to FSIS for inspection at an approved FSIS import establishment.

Once in the United States, these samples may be used only for laboratory examination, research, evaluative testing, or trade show exhibition. They may not be sold, distributed, or consumed by the public. If the products are used for consumer test marketing or sales promotions, they will be regarded as commercial shipments and subject to FSIS import regulations, including the requirement that they must originate in eligible foreign countries and establishments and must be certified for export to the United States.

Last Modified: February 24, 2012



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