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Imported Food Products Containing a Small Amount of Meat, Poultry, or Processed Egg Product Ingredients
While FSIS statutes provide authority to exempt certain foods containing relatively small amounts of meat, poultry or processed egg product ingredients from FSIS inspection, FSIS must ensure that these ingredients are not adulterated. Accordingly, the meat, poultry, or processed egg product ingredients used in FSIS-exempted products must be from an eligible source, i.e., prepared under USDA/FSIS inspection or in a foreign establishment certified by a foreign inspection system approved by FSIS. Importers of FSIS-exempted products containing meat, poultry, or processed egg product ingredients originating from countries with animal health restrictions must apply for and obtain a VS-permit from USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS).

Notice to Importers (Oct 1, 2009; PDF Only)
FSIS recognizes that APHIS issues veterinary import permits for many, but not all, imported food products containing small amounts of meat, poultry, or processed egg product ingredients. The need for a permit is based on the contents of the food product and on the animal health restrictions APHIS places on the country from which the food product is being imported. Accordingly, FSIS is advising importers of food products not required to have an APHIS veterinary import permit for entry into the U.S. that the meat, poultry or processed egg product ingredients used in the formulation of these products must originate from an approved source in order to qualify for FSIS import eligibility.


Last Modified: September 17, 2010



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