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Open Data

Highlights of IOGDC 2010

What is a key point you are taking away from the conference? From Vivek Kundra's vision for the future of open government data to Beth Noveck's "love our data" to Aneesh Chopra's focus on IT innovation--what did you find the most interesting points from the conference?

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Summary of IOGDC Events

Thanks to all who participated in person or virtually at the International Open Government Data Conference last month.  If you missed it, you can find all the presentations are available here.

The twitter stream (#IOGDC) archive can be found at:

Stay tuned for future events hosted by and watch for coming to an event near you!

More lists

From Justin Grimes: and from Marc Alt:

Question: Should we think of a or Open Government Data tweetup?

Twitter handles

Amazing work by the IOGDC folks on Twitter.  At last count, 974 tweets using #IOGDC and still one more day to go.

At the request of some of the participants, I'm starting a thread here with some of the Twitter handles and people behind them (part 1...I'll get more up later).  Please add more as you know them...

@usdatagov (The Team)
@digiphile (Alex Howard)
@bethnoveck (Beth Noveck)
@derekwillis (Derek Willis)
@cjoh (Clay Johnson)
@jahendler (Jim Hendler)
@jeanneholm (Jeanne Holm)
@kmerritt (Kevin Merritt)
@justgrimes (Justin Grimes)
@craignewmark (Craig Newmark)
@druidsmith (Dave Smith)
@marcalt (Marc Alt)
@gwynnek (Gwynne Kostin)
@danmelton (Dan Melton)
@harlanyu (Harlan Yu)
@martenhogeweg (Marten Hogeweg)
@Kendall (Kendall Clark)
@sanchezjb (Joe Sanchez)
@tonyshaw (Tony Shaw)
@tednguyen (Ted Nguyen)
@adrielhampton (Adriel Hampton)
@pbroviak (Pam Broviak)
@troyschneider (Troy Schneider)
@lewisshepherd (Lewis Shepherd)
@chrisheuer (Chris Heuer)
@gohsuket (Gohsuke Takana)
@heatherlagarde (Heather LaGarde)
@rickmurphy (Rick Murphy)
@mindofandre (Andre Blackman)
@hadleybeeman (Hadley Beeman)
@scilib (Richard Ackerman)
@patrickbeeson (Patrick Beeson)
@mhausenblas (Michael Hausenblas)
@decisionstats (Ajay Ohri)
@tvol (Timothy Vollmer)
@iand (Ian Davis)
@sesuncedu (Simon Spero)
@sarahebourne (Sarah Bourne)
@infil00p (Joe Bowser)
@epatientdave (Dave DeBronkart)
@edsu (Ed Summers)
@kidehen (Kingsley Uyi Idehen)
@asterix (Miraj Khaled)

@dhgisme (Danielle Gould)
@BernHyland (Bernadette Hyland)
@ahier (Brian Ahier)
@kevinmarks (Kevin Marks)
@ed (Ed Shazade)
@cairnsim (Ian Cairns)
@mattmansfield (Matt Mansfield)
@paolaponticelli (Paola Ponticelli)
@ifrnandez (Isabel Fdez-Penuelas)
@annoula64 (Ann Markstrom)
@atweber (Andrew Weber)

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