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What is FRS?

The Facility Registry System (FRS) is a centrally managed database that identifies facilities, sites or places subject to environmental regulations or of environmental interest. FRS creates high-quality, accurate, and authoritative facility identification records through rigorous verification and management procedures that incorporate information from program national systems, state master facility records, and data management personnel. The FRS provides Internet access to a single integrated source of comprehensive (air, water, and waste) environmental information about facilities, sites or places.

Why is it needed?

The FRS responds to the increasing demand for access to high quality information and the public need for one source of comprehensive environmental information about a given place on the earth. FRS achieves that integration. In addition, the FRS is integrated with the Error Correction Process. FRS fully implements EPA's Facility Identification Data Standard, and is compliant with the Facility Identification Template for States (FITS) Model.

What are the benefits?

The FRS:

Who is involved?

EPA's Office of Information Collection in the Office of Environmental Information is the organization responsible for implementation and management of the FRS. Important partners include EPA media programs, EPA regional data stewards and data system coordinators, state data managers, public interest groups and regulated facilities.

What is the scope?

The Facility Registry System (FRS) is a centrally managed database developed by EPA's Office of Environmental Information (OEI). It provides Internet access to a single source of comprehensive information about facilities subject to environmental regulations or of environmental interest. The FRS contains accurate and authoritative facility identification records which are subjected to rigorous verification and data management quality assurance procedures. FRS records are continuously reviewed and enhanced by a Regional Data Steward network and active State partners. The facility records are based on information from EPA's national program systems, other federal agencies, and State and tribal master facility records, and may be enhanced by other Web information sources. FRS has over 2.5 million unique facility records linking over 3.0 million program interests, including data from over 25 national environmental data systems and over 45 state systems.  View Program System Definitions

Detailed facility data can be retrieved using the Facility Registry System Query. For a more focused search, use EZ Query, which enables you to individualize the investigation of data elements and structure your report by selecting from a number of predetermined views.

There is a graphic Facility Registry System model and table and column information available for the technical user.

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