PubMed Mobile Help

PubMed Mobile provides a simplified mobile friendly web interface to access PubMed. PubMed Mobile includes the same search functionality and content as Standard PubMed, that is, all search terms and fields work similarly. Please see the PubMed Help for additional information.

Simply enter your search in the search box and click "Search."

Click "Free Full Text" or "Review" on the summary results page to filter your results. Click "Next" to go to subsequent result pages.Click the citation title to display the abstract format. Related Citations display below the abstract. On the abstract page, click "Previous" or "Next" to navigate to other citation abstracts. Click the "Back to results" link to redisplay the summary results.

PubMed Mobile does not include specialized search pages, such as Limits and Advanced search, or added features, such as My NCBI and Clipboard.

For more help, or in case of an error, please contact the NCBI Help Desk.

PubMed Mobile Technical Details


All pagetypes can be generated using the following URI schemes.

Set of search results for {searchTerms}{searchTerms}&page={startPage?}&filter={filterName?}
Abstract pages{pmid}/
Set of articles related to {pmid}{pmid}/related/?page={startPage?}&filter={filterName?}
Abstracts in the ordered set of search results for {searchTerms}{pmid}/?i={index}&from={searchTerms}
Abstracts in the ordered set of articles related to {pmid}{pmid}/?i={index}&from={relatedSetUrlPath}
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The OpenSearch description of this site is available here.

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