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Mascot Matching Game

On the way to the game, these college mascots got all switched around! Try to match the mascot to its university by dragging the mascot image to the square above the name of the school to which you think the mascot belongs. If you are correct, the school name will turn green and a message will appear below the puzzle. If you are wrong, the image will snap back to its original spot and you can try again. Good luck!

How did you do? Try matching more mascots!
*All mascot logos are used with permission from the associated university.
Rights are protected under copyright law and all images are trademarked.
Do not copy without explicit permission from the university.
NOTE: If you cannot see the puzzle on this page, your browser might not be enabled to read Java Script.
Would you like more information about these schools? Visit our College Search to learn more about these and other schools.

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