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Changing the Conversation

The Nation’s Investment in Cancer Research

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Prevention and Screening (PDF) From Cancer | Changing the Conversation: The Nation's Investment in Cancer Research - 2012

Prevention and Screening

Prevention and screening represent the twin pillars of our pre-emptive defenses against cancer. Cancer prevention includes efforts to forestall the process that leads to cancer, along with the detection and treatment of precancerous conditions at their earliest, most treatable stages, and the prevention of new, or second primary, cancers in survivors. Cancer screening identifies either precancers or early cancers that are still highly amenable to treatment while the number of malignant cells is very small.

Research on cancer prevention and screening focuses on three main areas: developing early detection and screening strategies that result in the identification and removal of precancerous lesions and early-stage cancers; developing medical interventions, such as drugs or vaccines, to prevent or disrupt the carcinogenic process; and risk assessment, including understanding and modifying lifestyle factors which increase cancer risk.

Approaches to cancer prevention and screening that can dramatically reduce cancer burden:

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Richard Fagerstrom, Ph.D talks about the National Lung Screening Trial.