Open Government

Transparency, Participation, and Collaboration

The Access Board is committed to transparent operation and actively involving the participation of citizens and industry representatives in our development of guidelines and standards.  Our past and current practice is to use advisory committees, public hearings, information sessions, and partner agency involvement in the development of policy materials including standards, guidelines, and guidance documents.

Recent Initiatives

Our most recent advisory committee, TEITAC, was also our largest.  TEITAC was noted in Federal Computing Week as being notable for using a public wiki to conduct their work.

The Access Board has a long history of posting public comment on our rulemakings.  In 2008 we hosted a web form capable of accepting attachments, and in 2009 we moved to using for public comments.

Also in 2009 we added an RSS feed and a subscription service (web push) and started offering web seminars.

Current and Future Initiatives

This web page serves as our Open Government Plan.

The Access Board recognizes the value of complaint program information and is commited to overhauling our Architectural Barriers Act complaint tracking system and database and to create a more robust and usable database by the end of calendar year 2011.  We anticipate making data available to the public in calendar year 2012.

The Access Board is currently overhauling its records management program, updating schedules and preparing materials for retention, destruction, or transfer to NARA as appropriate.

Links to Information and Data

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