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ADA standards govern the construction and alteration of places of public accommodation, commercial facilities, and state and local government facilities. The Department of Justice (DOJ) maintains ADA standards that apply to all ADA facilities except transportation facilities, which are subject to similar standards issued by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Federal facilities are covered by standards consistent with those of the ADA issued under a different law, the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA).

  Cover of the ADA and ABA Accessibility Guidelines


The latest ADA standards are closely based on the Board's updated ADA and ABA Accessibility Guidelines but include several additional requirements. If using a copy of the Board's widely distributed ADA and ABA guidelines, see the Guide to the Standards.



ADA regulations issued by DOJ and DOT provide important information on using the standards:


The Access Board's ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) serve as the minimum baseline for the standards. The guidelines and standards are very similar, but only the standards have legal authority. However, the guidance provided here is relevant to the standards. In its last update, the Board harmonized the ADA guidelines with the ABA guidelines for federal facilities and published them jointly. In addition, the Board and the International Code Council (ICC) worked cooperatively to harmonize the ADA and ABA guidelines and access provisions in the International Building Code (IBC).

Updated ADA and ABA Accessibility Guidelines (basis for DOJ's 2010 standards and DOT's 2006 standards)

Original ADA Accessibility Guidelines (basis for the 1991 standards excluding later ADAAG supplements)


For technical assistance on the design requirements of the ADA as they apply in new construction and alterations, contact:

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    U.S. Access Board

    phone: (800) 872-2253 (voice) or (800) 993-2822 (TTY), weekdays 10:00 - 5:30 ET (except Wednesday)
    fax: (202) 272-0081


For assistance on other topics related to the ADA standards or regulations, including effective dates and requirements for existing facilities, contact:

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U.S. Department of Justice
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U.S. Department of Transportation
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National Network of ADA Centers
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