This is the image for the the Buy Accessible Wizard. It is a hyperlink to the wizard as well. Please click on this image to go to the Buy Accessible Wizard

New release of the BuyAccessible Wizard (4.2) is now available.

This new release includes a revision to the market research process within the BuyAccessible Wizard. Users are now directed to use the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) which is a directory of vendor websites with links to their product or service accessibility information. ARC approach allows vendors to maintain accessibility information on their websites only thus providing the users with most up to date market research data.

The new market research interface also provides additional guidance on how to conduct your own market research.

If you have any questions about how to use this updated interface, please don't hesitate to ask questions through the Questions/Comments link in the Wizard.

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Are you trying to…
  • Determine if your purchase is subject to Section 508?

  • Find companies and do market research to buy Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) products or services?

  • Provide documentation for Section 508 compliance?

Use the BuyAccessible Wizard to ensure consistency and proof of due diligence every time.


Sellers, we are in the process of doing a total refresh of the BuyAccessible system to correspond with the new standard. We are planning to discontinue PSD and are migrating all the vendors to Accessibility Resource System (ARC). Please contact Helen Chamberlain to get listed with ARC.