Printable Materials & Ordering

Printable Materials & Ordering

The website includes a number of print materials, available as downloadable PDFs. Some materials are also available in limited quantities through two USDA online ordering systems (see links below). These materials are in the public domain and therefore no permission is needed to print, reproduce, or use them. For more information, read our MyPlate Graphics Standards.

Printable materials


Online ordering

  • The USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion no longer sends out free materials. However, some MyPlate materials are available for FREE from the USDA's SNAP website and the USDA's Team Nutrition website. Please note that materials ordered though the SNAP website are only available to SNAP Education (SNAP-Ed) State and Implementing Agencies and local SNAP-Ed projects; print materials ordered through the Team Nutrition website are available only to schools and child care centers that participate in Federal Child Nutrition Programs.

  • For bulk orders, which are NOT FREE, go to the Government Printing Office or Purdue University Cooperative Extension.